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Agropecuaria Malichita S.A de C.V

Sweet Mini Pepper

This particular product comes from the same family as its larger relative the bell peppers. This ones can be growth on open fields  but for their cost and cares they are in shadehouses. Rich Green leafed plants grow up to 6 feet tall, than they obtain its color depending on the seed, could be yellow, red or orange. The plant takes about 120 days, since its a seed to harvest its fruits acquiring 150-250 fruits per plant.

Being one of the favorites products here in Agropecuaria Malichita, we are the first farmers to test and try this kind of chili, for this we gain experience to harvest the best quality.

Packaged in their unique presentation of 3 colors which includes yellow, red and orange in the same proportions, the mini bell causes admiration to its consumers because of its delicious flavor, juiciness, and its a chili that is not spicy.





· Sweet and not spicy, can be stuffed.

· Seedless


Agropecuaria's Malichita Seasonality

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