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Agropecuaria Malichita S.A de C.V

European Cucumber / Pepino Europeo

(Cucumis Sativus)

Pepo fruit rough or smooth, depending on the variety, it turns from light green, to dark green to a deep bright when is fully mature. This comes from an herbaceous annual plant of the family Cucurbitaceae. The cucumber plant has large green leaves forming a canopy over the fruit.

In Agropecuaria Malichita, the cucumber is in under extensive care, and is produced under modern shade houses, in a gothic style, which we can control external factors such as temperature, shade, and pests, this helps us to ensure quality and to get nthe higher rates of productivity.



· The cucumbers are really consumed in the US, and also with the most extensive program.

· Weight: 134 grs.




Agropecuaria's Malichita Seasonality

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