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Our Compromise

In Agropecuaria Malichita we have a lot to thank to the nature, therefore we have raised in our strategy to mantain programs related to the environment and do the more we can to not harm it.







The watermelon (one of our most important products here in Agropecuaria Malchichita) is really susceptible to soil diseases, especially to the Fusarium Oxysporum which is a fungus that attacks the plant and covers the stems and ending the life of this ones in few days.


One of the most common practices is the use of the methyl bromide for soil sterilization that works as insecticide and nematicide on the land where the crop is going to be grown, with this practice you can kill many of the fungi that affect the plant, the problem is that this gas contains thousands of molecules CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons), one molecule can destroy 100,000 ozone molecules.

Malichita concerned about the issue that could cause this gas to the ozone layer, teamed up in a project with the ONUDI (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) conducted a project to build a high-tech greenhouse to produce grafts and not have to use methyl bromide.



To produce a graft we need the root system of any type of squash, we can use the Kabocha squash and the head of the plant of the watermelon, with this we would have a watermelon with the root system of an a squash. Squashes roots are resistant to soil diseases such fusarium allowing us to dispose methyl bromide in the soil.





Currently we stop using methyl bromide and we are testing grafts with melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, to stop using chemical products.



Grafting watermelon

Graft greenhouses tray


In Agropecuaria Malichita one of our main priorities and our compromise is with our workers, we know the importance what this ones represent, is for this we have programs of social responsibility that we offer to our employees to have a better life condition. 

We also promote sports, inside our facilities we have basketball courts and baseball stadium, were we constantly organize games and events, the workers have the opportunity to belong to a team and give the best of themselves. It also has a kiosk where workers can enjoy a great Sunday with all their families and perform activities of their choice.


Agropecuaria Malichita offer its employees a payroll insurance, meaning through debit cards, thus preventing any cash misplaced, or stolen money. In this way the worker can go to any of the 2 ATM's that the company has.


The company also has school facilites so that children have the opportunity to learn while their parents work. Ensuring a better future for children.

With all this facts we reiterate the social compromise Agropecuaria Malichita has with their workers. 



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