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Agropecuaria Malichita S.A de C.V

Green Tomatillo / Tomatillo

(Physalis ixocarpa)

 The tomatillo is also known as husk tomato, tomato milpero, fresadilla tomato, Mexican tomato or miltomate, its a small fruit. As the fruit matures, it fills the shell and when it reaches the harvest season may have fractured shell. The tomatillo is the key ingredient in salsa verde, fresh or cooked and used in other dishes in Latin America and in the preparation of regional dishes, the famous snacks, essential in sauces (Pasilla chile sauce) or different soups. The freshness and the green color of the shell are the most important factors to determine the quality. The fruit should be firm, bright green and sour.



· In Mexico, it is believed that the tomatillo is a good remedy to treat diabetes, this will cook the calyx of its flowers, its fruits are also used as a remedy to lower feverishness.




Agropecuaria's Malichita Seasonality

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